About Driver Safety Academy

At Driver Safety Academy, driver safety is at the heart of everything we do. Our team of independent authors and publishers strives to make roads a safer place one driver at a time.

Clarity, transparency, and unbiased opinion are our top priorities when approaching our work, communicating with drivers and partners.

Over 5,800,000 traffic crashes happen every year in United States, and over 37,000 people die in those accidents. In addition to the cost in human lives, the economic cost exceeds $230 billion annually. Staggering! To us, it looks like an opportunity for an improvement.

Our goal at Driver Safety Academy is to reduce these numbers and to improve your safety as well as others around you on the road. We believe that it is possible through publishing high quality trusted content about driver safety.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with number of options available for you to choose from? To save your time, our team of experts does the research and selects top picks that can be helpful for your safety on the road. Whether you are a new, experienced, or matured driver, we have something useful for everyone.

Stay safe and enjoy your ride!