Auto Insurance Discount

How to Receive an Auto Insurnace Discount?

In 37 states across the country, insurance discounts are mandated by state regulations after completing a defensive driving course. This means that insurance carriers are obliged to offer discounts ranging from 5% to 15% to policyholders who successfully complete an approved accident prevention course. The discount percentage varies based on your location and policy specifics.

Some states restrict these benefits to drivers aged 55 and older. However, in states like New York, every driver can qualify for the discount. To learn more about rules for auto insurance discount in your state, select a state-specific page listed at the bottom of this page.

What is a Mature Driver Program?

The Mature Driver Program, is another name for the Accident Prevention or Defensive Driving Insurance Discount Program which is specifically designed for drivers aged 55 and older. Under this program, insurance carriers usually provide special discounts to drivers who successfully complete an approved defensive driving course.

The List of Approved Insurance Reduction Courses

Course Provider Contact Information
99 Park Avenue, Suite 1560
New York, NY 10016
445 Hamilton Avenue, Suite 1102
White Plains, NY 10601

More Information

For more details on the insurance discount opportunities available in your state, visit a state-specific page listed below:

New York

To be 100% sure that you don't currently have defensive driving discount active on your policy and to find out the exact discount amount, contact your auto insurance agent for more information.