DMV Points Reduction

How to Reduce Points From Your DMV Driving Record

Points Reduction Program is also known as Defensive Driving Course or Traffic School. If you received a traffic violation, taking this course can help you reduce a few points on your DMV driving record and to avoid loosing your drivers license.

To receive the points reduction benefits, make sure to check that a course provider is DMV approved. Otherwise, you will not receive the benefits. The list of reputable course providers that are accepted by DMVs in multiple states are listed on this page below. For the state specific list of course providers, click a state-specific link below.

How often can you take the Defensive Driving Course to reduce points?

Each state state is different, but usually you can take the course to reduce points on your DMV driving record once in a 18-month period.

How can you check the last time you took the course?

You can either call your local DMV or order your driving record using DMV online system. There is usually a small fee for requesting your driving record. Your driving record will indicate the last time it was reported to DMV when you took defensive driving.

Course formats

Points reduction course is available as an online class as well as in-person classroom. Online courses allow students to take course anytime and can break up learning sessions in small time intervals, whereas in-person classroom doesn't have that flexibility. For this reason, most drivers choose an online option.

You should expect to see quiz questions after each chapter to check your learning progress. Some courses also have a final big questionaire at the end of the course with multiple attempts to retake the quiz if needed.

After successfull course completion, DMV approved course providers will automatically report your course completion to your state DMV. You should also be able to download the proof of defensive driving course completion online for your records as PDF document.

What Points Reduction course does NOT do

Typically, you can't use your defensive driving course to reduce points for future violations. Points reduction course also does NOT prevent or cancel manadtory revocation or suspension for serious violations such as DWI, DWAI, or thee spreeding violation within 18 months.

How much is Defensive Driving Course costs?

The course price varies around $20 to $50 depending on the course provider, the quality of content, the course format (online vs in-person classroom), and additional features that you selected.

How long is the course?

The defensive driving course can take anywhere from 60 to 320 minutes, again, depending on your state. Some states such as New York require course providers to implement timers to track that you spend enough time on the course in order to meet state time requirements.

List of DMV approved Point Reduction providers

Course Provider Contact Information
99 Park Avenue, Suite 1560
New York, NY 10016
445 Hamilton Avenue, Suite 1102
White Plains, NY 10601